Thursday, September 11, 2008

US Soldier Dishonorably Discharged For Hip Hop

Former US soldier Martin Jackson takes his Hip Hop seriously. So seriously, in fact, that he was dismissed from military duty because of it.
One of Malone’s sergeants burned his nine year collection of Hip Hop magazines after a heated argument. Malone’s reaction earned him a discharge for dishonorable conduct.
At the time, Malone had served three years which included a stint in Korea and service after the attacks of September 11.
Not taking the discharge lying down, Malone—who goes by the alias Muggsy Malone—hit the studio with Conrad Dimanche of Bad Boy Records/Making the Band. The resulting effort is an album titled Probable Cause, which he is dedicating to the military.
Malone has remained active since his military days and is a volunteer for the Barack Obama campaign in addition to his duties as an emcee, signed to Warpath Records.
In addition to Probable Cause, which is slated for release in March 2009, Malone is also prepping a reality show scheduled to air on Myspace, titled The Making of the Next Big Thing.

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