Monday, September 8, 2008

Rain Presents “The 7 Day Theory” Day 1

“Tupac is still a big inspiration to me. He always spoke his mind on all issues whether it was music, politics, or regular street shit. He overcame so many obstacles right in front of our eyes and made history in the entertainment industry without losing his mind or his spirit. I created this mixtape to pay homage and show my respect for my black brother. He will always live on through his music and his family and we need to remember the day of his death no different from how we remember Martin Luther King, Malcom X and all of our other black leaders. He was the leader of our generation. This mixtape consist of my views and my opinions on things that are going on. I am not in no way trying to emulate Tupac, I’m only paying homage.”

As a pioneer in the rise of the West Coast in the 90’s, 2pac made an impact on alot of peoples lives. The homie Rain will be paying his respects.. dropping a freestyle a day, leading up to the anniversary of Tupacs death & as a tribute to his life and his music. On day 1, he’s Troublesome.

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