Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The new iPod nano and touch

Ipod Nano

It’s finally here the new nano, Apple have gone back to the older rectangular shape but have alot more colors available. As for features there is now alot more incorporated into the nano:

  • The nano now has an accelerometer so you can now tilt it to the side to see album artwork (Coverflow) plus the nano will now have games being made for it which take advantage of the accelerometer just like the iphone/itouch.
  • You can now change song to a random one by just simply shaking the nano.
  • The screen is 2 inches which will be good for your videos on the go.
  • The final thing is the great price drop. The 4gb is gone and now the 8gb = $149 and the 16gb = $199

And the new iPod touch….

Now featuring a built in speaker, volume control on the side of the device, longer battery life (36 hours audio, 6 hours video) and finally a slightly slimmer design. Prices are as follows, 8GB = $229, 16GB = $299 and the 32GB = $399.

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